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E-Z Train Tracker 7.0
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E-Z Trian Tracker 7.0


The Main Form...

Main Form
  • The Main Form is where you view each individual item's details.
    * Simply click the yellow plus sign to add a new item.
    * The data entry form uses the same layout as the Main Form.
    * Data entry is simplified with a choice of using our prefilled drop-down menus, drop-down menus that are filled only with your previous entries, or a combination of BOTH!
    * The Add New Item form for data entry has very useful drop-down menu filled with an extensive list of Road Name acronyms. It will tell you what that 'H.E.S.R.' stands for that is printed on the side of the car you are entering into E-Z Train Tracker 7.0!
    * All drop-down lists auto-suggest as you type!
  • It is where you access ALL of E-Z Train Tracker 7.0's features.
  • Click one of the three smaller pictures to make it swap places with the large one.
  • Right-Click any of the pictures to adjust the pictures fit to the frame or choose View Larger Image to open the Image Viewer in a new window where you can cycle through that item's pictures, as large as your screen!
  • The most used features are easily accessible in the Navigation Toolbar at the top of the page.
    * Features such as: Add New Item, Delete Current Item, Edit Item, Add A Similar Item, View Item List/Report, and Print Item Details
  • All other features are accessed from within the drop-down Menus.
    * These features include: BackUp/Restore, Importing your Collection from a Previous version of E-Z Train Tracker, Turning the sound on and off, Giving the Custom Field a Name, and Accessing the Help Menu