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E-Z Train Tracker 7.0
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E-Z Trian Tracker 7.0


The Spreadsheet/Report...

List Viewer

  This image is of the spreadsheet behind with the print preview showing in front.
  • After refining your list in the List View form, (or leaving it as your entire collection) you can view it as a spreadsheet.
  • By default, all the fields available on the Main Form are visible as colunms in the spreadsheet.
  • You can easily remove columns, save many different custom column combinations that you have set up, and set one of your custom column setups as the default. This is a custom setup in the picture.
  • You can print your spreadsheet.
  • You can export your spreadsheet directly into Microsoft Excel 2007, or simply as a .csv file (comma delimitted) so that you can easily import it with an older version of Excel or into any other spreadsheet or database program.